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Toy Store Corvettes
Visit the Toy Store for your next Corvette purchase! We offer a wide selection of fine pre-owned Corvettes for the discriminating buyer.

Vette Brakes & Products (VBP) first introduced composite spring kits for the C3 Corvettes (1968-82) in the early 1980ís. Today, Vette Brakesí offers a wide variety of replacement composite springs for C3, C4 & C5 Corvettes.

C3 Brake install
Vern Carmack at the Chevy Service Center says that squeaks, squeals, and other brake noise generally comes from metal-to-metal contact

C5 Brake upgrade
We asked Vern Carmack of the Chevy Service Center in Largo, Florida, to show us the proper way to install this brake upgrade kit. Follow along and see how easy it is to improve the braking of a C5 using this kit.

Survival Training
Best training for anyone that likes to get outdoors and explore.Great people with tons of knowledge

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