Chevy Service Center is a full service shop specializine in performance and the Chevrolet Corvette. Below is a partial list of services that we perform. If there is sonething that you would like to have done that you dont see, contact us to schedule an appointment today!

Air Conditioning & Heating Batteries
Belts and Hoses Brakes
Engine Performance Diagnostics General Safety Inspection
Minor and Major Engine Repair Electrical / Ignition Systems
Performance Modifications Suspension System Components

My Corvette is out of warranty...what now?
Looking to size up your Corvette? After many years of owning a Corvette some unforeseen maintenance issues can arise costing a considerable money to repair. To avoid these types of issues, allow us to perform a general safety inspection on your Corvette. This service will give you an idea of how to get your Corvette running and driving in top condition.

Buying a Used Corvette?
If you are considering purchasing a pre-owned Corvette, we suggest the following.

Vern's Chevy Service Center can perform a full mechanical inspection and evaluation on a Corvette you are considering to purchase. Vern's can perform a 50 point mechanical safety inspection and will provide you a full written report on service conditions as well as a full Car Fax report which will give you a documented history of the inspected vehicle. Having this service performed will give you sound confidence in purchasing your new (used) Corvette.

Buying a Corvette for Restoration?
If you are considering restoring a 1953 to 1982 Corvette, allow the experts at Vern's to perform a more intense inspection of your investment. This service includes verification of matching numbers motor and transmission and inspection of major components for repair or replacement. We can save you thousands of dollars and make your investment Corvette much more enjoyable.


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